E-fundraisers can be combined with other fundraising options and you don’t have to leave the house!


1.  Sign up with our team, so purchasers can direct their purchase to your cause from their home.

2. You can promote your fundraiser by sending out an email and running a message through your Face Book account.  Promote your E-Fundraiser by briefly describing your cause, your goal, and a request to purchase coffee from your personalized website link which you will offer them in the email.  Please inform your contributors that they will pay for delivery when they place their orders. Please also describe the quality of coffee you are offering, as well as the coffee options in your email. (Some sample emails are provided below). Your revenue is 20% of the price of the product. Speak to our representative concerning details or clarification.

3. Run the message through your contacts one or two times during a suggested two week period….and run the message through your Face Book account every other day for a couple of weeks. Encourage your contacts to share with their contacts, because the coffee in fantastic and so is the cause!


4. Your purchasers will be prompted to pay with Pay Pal. Delivery will be paid by the purchaser using Canada Post, however, individual purchases over $135, shipping is free. When your fundraiser has ended, your cheque will be sent to you.


5. You will be able to track your progress by signing in and monitoring your account.


6. Enjoy the revenues!

* Add us to your friends list.
A thank-you and interesting coffee recipes will be sent out.