* Organizations can combine any or all of the following fundraising options

Event Fundraising


Order bags of coffee ahead of time and sell them during a charitable or sporting event. This is also nice to accompany, or as an alternative to a Stag and Doe event!


1.  Give us a call or email and order desired quantities and specific brews of our gourmet Fair Trade,  Organic  Coffee, made from 100% Arabica Beans.  Payment is made easy with Pay Pal.


2. The coffee will be roasted in Canada after you have placed your order and shipped to your selected destination.
- We can provide promotional material if desired.
- Custom labels and custom names for your coffees are available at no extra cost for orders over 150 bags or more.


3. Have a volunteer sell the coffee at the event for cash on the spot. (This coffee is not roasted until you order it therefore will be considered absolutely fresh for several months).


4.  Enjoy the revenues!

* These programs are currently used by many organizations, churches, sports teams and     schools across Canada.

** Sample introductions for canvasing: Coming soon!

*** We do not recommend canvasing door to door alone for safety!