Lesson Plan Links for Classroom Teachers

• The following links lead to hundreds of pages which includes Units, Lesson Plans and videos involving Fair Trade.

• They include appropriate material that accommodates Primary, Junior and Intermediate divisions.

• Many lessons can be applied to Canadian Language, Mathematics, Science, Art, Drama, Music curriculums as well as and especially Cultivating Character.


• Some lessons are created using American statistics, or the Imperial system for measurement, however are still valuable in any classroom.


• Teachers are creative, therefore lessons can be easily modified.
All lesson material is free for download or printing, however they are third party sites. Fair Trade Fundraisers does not recommend providing any personal information to any third party sites.


Fair Trade Fundraisers are not affiliated with any of the below organizations in any way outside of providing the opportunity for educators to be directed to educational material to spread Fair Trade awareness.


Fair Trade Fundraisers is also not affiliated with any religious group, we however share the common goal of improving economic longevity for farmers and artisans around the globe, as well as we are committed to offering you certified FTO coffee!
* Please pre view all material. Fair Trade Fundraisers does not monitor these sites for additions or alterations.


• Courtesy of Equal Opportunity, “Win Win Solutions” full units are available for down load or print here: http://equalexchange.coop/ee-and-you/education/for-your-classroom/curriculum


• Courtesy of The Global Educational network for Canadian lesson plans here: http://www.global-ed.org/curriculum.htm

• Courtesy of Fair Trade Resource http://www.global-ed.org/curriculum.htm Network for video material here http://www.fairtraderesource.org/learn-up/fair-trade-films/ and lessons here: http://www.fairtraderesource.org/learn-up/teaching-tools/


• A very valuable resource is our beloved YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1pX97_0rxU


Just key in “Fair Trade for kids” and you will have access to many many animations, documentaries, stories, and creations by kids for kids involving teaching Fair Trade!