* Organizations can combine any or all of the following fundraising options

Traditional Fundraisers

Traditional fundraisers are very straight forward and generate 30% revenue for your organization for 150 bags sold and over and 20% for less than 150 bags sold using our suggested prices.


Here is how the program works:

1. Contact us to sign up and confirm coffee prices.

2. Order promotional envelopes to be sent to your organization and hand out to fundraising individuals, or print one of our form templates and fill in desired pricing and Fair Trade Organic coffee selection.

3. Contact friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues. Individuals place orders on their forms, collect money, place in envelope and tally up orders. (Generally allow 2 weeks to canvas).

4. Tally up all envelope orders, email order totals to us for processing, or sign in to your account with us and place your master order.

5. Send cheque or pay with Pay Pal to pay for the cost of the coffee.

6. Fundraising individuals can deliver coffee, or coffee can be picked up at a predetermined location, date and time by your volunteer helpers.


7. Enjoy the coffee!  Enjoy the revenues!


* When your fundraiser is finished create an icon on your school or organizations website making coffee purchases available throughout the year for additional ongoing 20% revenue. Speak to our representative for details.